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1. Free version has minor limitations

For free version the password is "password" and user cannot change it, also it runs ads. You can opt for the pro version to remove this limitation. For reviews and comments, please be fair, if you have any concerns or issues; kindly contact us first at rather than giving us bad reviews or comments. We will attend to ALL your issues and concerns.

2.How do I change Password and modify "number of login failed attempts" for intruder feature?

Go to Settings Tab: To change your password and update the number of login-failed attempts needed for the app to activate the Intruder alert feature.

3.How do I activate the "Auto Wipe data" feature?

Go to Settings Tab: To set up Auto Wipe Data feature in case of intrusion and Autolock feature to automatically lock the app once you exit by hitting the home button.

4.How do I set up my Email?

Go to Email Settings Tab: set up your email. This email will be used for receiving intruder alert messages from the app in case someone tampers with your phone.

5.Where are my documents, pictures and videos stored?

In "Browse Data": To upload documents to the app, click on Browse Data, this comes with a default picture folder, "My Pics" where you can add pictures by picking from your device picture library.

6.How do I upload other files, videos, documents and even more pictures?

iTunes Connect: Ok good! I know that I put data and lock it and I am sure that it's pretty much secure and safe inside the app but the big question is how do I put data into the app? Simple, for iPhone and iPad, just connect your device to iTunes and look for the application. Simply copy and paste files from your Mac / PC into the application.

7.How do I get pictures into "My Pics" folder?

i.Tap on Browse Data. ii.Tap on My Pics folder. iii.Tap on Pick from library iv.Tap on the pictures that show v.Select individual pic by tapping on them vi.Tap on Choose option that shows beneath the selected picture vii.This moves the picture to the protected My Pic folder inside MySafeApp.

8.How do I perform some actions on the file?

Long press on the file and the following shows up: i.Lock - this locks the file and will make it inaccessible when the device is connected to iTunes/PC connected via USB. The user would have to grant access for these files to show up inside protected folder in iTunes interface. This access is granted by turning Display Locked Data on iTunes on for iOS version. ii.Move - this moves the file from one folder to the other. iii.Delete - this deletes the file. iv.Rename - this renames the file.